HELP Officer Program

HELP, or Hyde Park Evening Local Patrol, is a community project that hires City of Tampa police officers to patrol our neighborhood evening night of the year. Began in 1999, this program has significantly lowered the crime rate in our neighborhood.

What is the HELP number and how can I contact the HELP officer? Once you become a member of HPPI, you will receive a vinyl window decal and the contact number for our duty HELP officer. It is suggested you store this number in your mobile phone and post it near your land land.

When is HELP available? HELP officers are on duty 7 days a week. They each have the flexibility to start between 9 pm and midnight working a four hour shift. We have four officers that are assigned to us who rotate their days/nights of service. These officers have worked HELP for several years.

I am going on vacation – how do I arrange for HELP to check on my house? Call the HELP number and leave a message for the officer. Unless you call in the middle of the night when the officer is on duty, this number often goes to voicemail. The officer will check the voicemail when s/he comes on duty. Be sure to leave any special instructions including if you want the officer to return your call or text you and what hours are acceptable to do so. Remember the officers are on duty while most of us are asleep. In requesting a vacation check, we frequently ask the officer to keep an eye out for any packages or envelopes that have been left at the front door and provide an alternate place for them to be stored. Be sure to include gate codes and any other details needed to access your property.

I see a suspicious person in the neighborhood – what do I do? Call Tampa Police non-emergency number as soon as possible at 813-231-6130. Note the person’s description (clothing, behavior, etc) and which direction the person is going. It’s a good idea to store this number in your mobile phone as well. Do not hesitate to report a person if you have an uneasy feeling about them.

I have an emergency – do I call HELP or Tampa Police? If an emergency occurs after 9 pm when the HELP officer may be on duty, call the HELP number. If you get a recording or no answer, hang up and call 911. If the HELP officer is on duty, he will be able to respond more quickly that if the emergency is reported to 911 first.

I own more than one house in our neighborhood. Does my HELP membership apply to both homes? Yes. When you join HPPI, include a note in the notes field of the membership form to make sure we have both addresses listed.