Amazon Shopping Link

If you’re ordering anything from, first go to our website and click on the Amazon link to be taken from there to Amazon. Don not go to Amazon first, because you may go as far as to put something in your cart and HPPI will get no credit for the order.

HPPI receives between 4% and 6% of your purchase at no extra expense to you. Any earnings from this program go directly into HPPI fundraising. We started this program in December 2010, and now regularly receive monthly referral fees. If you do your ordering online for hostess and party gifts, textbooks and reading books, holiday gifts, music and movies and the variety of things available through Amazon, it becomes a silent fund-raiser for HPPI neighborhood projects with only an extra mouse click.

The Amazon order reports show what was ordered, the price and HPPI’s commission, but there is zero information on the individual placing the order – no name, no address – nothing. So your privacy is protected in every way and you contribute to the cause without leaving home. What could be easier?