Update on Bayshore Blvd-Buffered Bicycle Lanes and Traffic Calming Project

I attended the Bayshore Boulevard – Buffered Bicycle Lanes and Traffic Calming meeting at Kate Jackson Park on February 23rd. The meeting was meant to inform the neighborhood of what the city’s plans are and to give everyone a chance to offer suggestions.

The city has some funds designated towards this project, they know this is not a fix, but it is a step in the right direction. By narrowing the lanes to 10 feet and lowering the speed limit to 35mph, the hope is this will naturally slow down the traffic. They also are proposing to install three pedestrian cross walks to make it safer when crossing Bayshore.

Enforcement of the new speed limit will be key and this is our opportunity as a neighborhood to voice our concerns by making calls and reporting issues as we see them. Please call the non- emergency police number to report an incident in progress at 813-231-6130. To request increased patrol, call 813-354-6600.

You can email or call Milton Martinez at Milton.martinez@tampagov.net, 813-274-8998 with your comments and suggestions. I have heard some interesting ideas, such as to open up the Selmon Expressway free of charge or to possibly to give the employees of MacDill free SunPasses.

Let your voice be heard! Your city council representatives are: Mike.suarez@tampagov.net and Harry.cohen@tampagov.net.


Kippy Nelson
HPPI Board President

Project Fact sheet: https://www.tampagov.net/sites/default/files/transportation/files/project_fact_sheet-bayshore_blvd_spm_0000075_2017-02-06.pdf


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