Gasparilla 2017 Information

Are you ready for some pirates?? They’re coming soon!!!

Many of you are new to the area and have only experienced a few Gasparillas as a resident of Hyde Park. To you it might appear “too controlled” or an inconvenience. A few others might grumble at the thought of having a trash can or port-o-let close to their home. When things run smoothly it is easy to forget what Gasparilla used to be like in our neighborhood.

A little history: In 1911, Ye Mystic Krewe of Gasparilla first captured the City of Tampa. As the parade grew in popularity and size, so did the challenges that our neighborhood faced. Hundreds of people would descend on the neighborhood to party around the parade and leave it in very bad shape! Traffic would be snarled often leaving our streets impassable, even for emergency vehicles. Our homes and alleys became bathrooms and more than a few front porches found uninvited guests had spent the night on them. Underage drinking with its consequences was rampant and our beautiful streets and yards were lined with trash.

HPPI was the first Neighborhood Association to take a stand that Gasparilla was out of control and needed changing. HPPI Board members met with City Council members, parade organizers and school officials to seek their help.

What changed??? Today, we have:

  • An organized traffic plan that allows traffic to flow throughout the neighborhood.
  • Parking is not allowed on most streets to enable emergency vehicles easy passage to get though.
  • Event Fest, the parade organizer, supplies our neighborhood with over 200 trash boxes and 60 port-o-lets.
  • Approximately 250 officers are stationed throughout the neighborhood to keep us safe and two of our board members have a direct line of communication to the commander in case of an emergency.
  • Underage drinking is no longer tolerated and an educational initiative regarding drinking has been established in the surrounding schools.
  • On Gasparilla day you might find children holding a lemonade stand and people enjoying the day while sitting on their front porch. Then, Sunday morning you will awaken to a clean neighborhood making you wonder … was there a parade the day before?

We need your help to keep the day like this!!! In the following pages you will find all the information you want to know about the TWO parades and more! Please take the time to read this. Next, follow the no parking signs on the days posted. You will be glad you did this, otherwise YOUR CAR WILL BE TOWED. Don’t remove the trashcans provided for the neighborhood to your home for a party. Be an extra pair of eyes and ears. If you see something strange or dangerous, report it to the number listed. Finally, and this pertains to residents living closet to the parade route…be accepting of port-o-lets placed close to your home for 36 hours.

Have a safe and fun Gasparilla day!

Cindy Ramm: 813-220-6637


Children’s Gasparilla Extravaganza

When: Saturday, January 21th   Noon-7:30 PM

Schedule of Events:

2:45-3:15 PM – Day air invasion

3:30-6:00 PM – Parade

6:15-6:30 PM – Night air invasion (new this year)

7:00-7:30- Jose Gasparilla (battle) and Piratechnic extravaganza (show center at Desoto Ave).

Route: Bayshore at Bay to Bay north to Bayshore at EDISON AVE.

Disbanding: Bayshore from EDISON TO PLATT.

Gasparilla Piratefest:

When: January 28st 11:30 AM-5 PM

11:30 AM -1 PM- Gasparilla Floatilla and invasion

2-5:30PM -Parade of Pirates

Site Layout: The same route that was adopted in 2012 will be used with the following changes:

  • Waterside reserved seating will be located between Bay to Bay and Howard, between Gunby to Rome and in the Marina area north of the Davis Island Bridge to Platt Ave.
  • Waterside of parade route will remain open to the neighborhood and public between Howard and Gunby.
  • Street crossings at Howard, Desoto, Nance, Albany and Gunby will be open for public access to the waterside route on a first come first serve basis. The area will be monitored for density.
  • Marine area reserved area has added a three row high seating and first mate chair seating on the land side of the parade route to accommodate a pedestrian walkway between Platt and Verne.

Traffic Control and Street Signage:

You should have received a parking and circulation plan for Hyde Park. If not, one is included below. It may also be found on our website Soon,  No Parking signs will be attached to our trees and regulatory signs will be installed but covered in our neighborhood. Here is the street map with the traffic flow:

These signs will remain posted for both weeks, but will only be enforced on the days noted. Please do not remove any regulatory signs as they are there for the benefit for the entire neighborhood.

Signage and Enforcement:

  • No Parking and Parking by Permit Only, Friday and Saturday:

January 20th 12:01 AM thru January 21th

January 27thth 12:01 AM thru January 28st

At this time all illegally parked vehicles may be ticketed and or towed.

  • One Way and Do Not Enter signs unveiled

Friday, January 20rd at 2 PM signs unveiled

Friday, January 27th at 2 PM- signs unveiled

Once signs are unveiled you must obey the regulatory signs and continue to do so until they are removed by the city.

RV’s and Trucks:

  • Vehicles over 80” are not permitted to park on residential streets. Report any of these vehicles to the non-emergency number (813) 231-6130 or to Cindy Ramm (813) 220-6637.

Entering the neighborhood:

  • Once available parking is filled on January 28st, our neighborhood will be closed to incoming traffic. Only cars with proper ID proving neighborhood residence will be permitted in
  • Following the parade all traffic flow is directed away from the neighborhood. Please plan your trips according so not to enter the neighborhood at this time.

Emergency Medical Service:

  • Should someone be in a medical emergency, call 911. Your call will be relayed for immediate response.
  • EMS Command Center will be stationed at Publix on Platt Ave.
  • There will be approximately 25 mobile units fully equipped with medical equipment and personnel on Bayshore capable of getting to streets within Hyde Park very quickly
  • In an emergency, Tampa General Hospital may be accessed by going Kennedy Blvd. to Hyde Park Ave.

Safety and Crowd Control:

  • In an emergency call 911
  • We will be having a commander directly assigned to our neighborhood. Three members of HPPI’s Board will have direct access to the commander in an emergency. Please call one of these numbers if you need immediate help:

                   Cindy Ramm (813) 220-6637

                   Kippy Nelson (952) 200-0962

                   Carren Rieger Friess (813) 389-2690

  • Overall police coverage will be approximately 1400 officers. They will be spread throughout the parade route and through Hyde Park to Swann. Many of these officers will be brought in from surrounding communities to help for the day.
  • There will be 270 officers assigned to our neighborhood. Following the clearing of the parade, a group of officers will remain in the neighborhood to monitor stragglers.
  • Officers will be wearing fluorescent green vests on the day of the parade to be more visible.


The Children’s parade is an alcohol free event.

Gasparilla Day Parade:

  • Hyde Park is in a no-tolerance alcohol zone. Open containers of any kind will not be allowed in the neighborhood.
  • No underage alcohol consumption will be tolerated and may result in arrest. If you are hosting a party in your home, please be aware of juvenile activity.
  • No glass containers are permitted anywhere along the parade route or in our neighborhood.

Educational incentive on alcohol abuse:

  • Once again, Eventfest is partnering with the police department and various schools in the area to present a program to students about underage and binge drinking. This program has been very successful in curbing these problems.

Trash and Port-o-lets:

Trash containers:

  • HPPI will be distributing a limited number of trash containers for the children’s parade
  • HPPI will be placing over 150 trash containers throughout our neighborhood on Saturday morning (Gasparilla Day Parade). They should be picked up on Sunday or on the following trash pick up (Monday)
  • These boxes are for the neighborhood and should not be removed for private parties. Removing these boxes will jeopardize this service for our neighborhood in the future.

Port-o-lets: (Gasparilla Day Parade only)

  • HPPI receives 60 units to place throughout the neighborhood. Every attempt is made to place these in high traffic areas. Consideration in placing these units are: demand, visibility and flat areas that allow access.
  • All attempts are made to minimize the impact of these units in our neighborhood with late drop off and early pick up.
  • All units will be serviced throughout the day of the parade.
  • In addition to the 1600 units that are deployed along the parade route, Eventfest is bringing in portable pay-per-use port-o-lets in high traffic areas such as Bay to Bay, Howard, Rome and Platt Ave.
  • Failure to use available port-o-lets may result in arrest.

For more information on Gasparilla:



  • City’s Gasparilla information line (813) 274-8750
  • Event Fest (813) 251-8844

Neighborhood questions:

A printable version of this information can be found here: HPPI-Gasparilla 2017

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