H.E.L.P. (Hyde Park Evening Patrol)

H.E.L.P. (Hyde Park Evening Patrol)

The impact of HELP and a watchful eye….


H.E.L.P. (Hyde Park Evening Patrol) brings off-duty Tampa Police Officers to patrol our neighborhood in five hour shifts nightly at random hours throughout the year.  HPPI members are given HELP duty officer’s cell phone number and can text or call to request vacation checks of member homes.  Additionally, officers do security checks of cars, homes, yards, construction sites and give notice to residents of safety issues, unlocked doors, gates, garages, etc.  Having the HELP patrol is a known deterrent, keeping more of the criminals out of our vulnerable neighborhood.

            Suspicious activity or crimes should be called in to 911 and if our HELP officer is in the area, they can attend to it more immediately.  HELP officers may also be called to assist with nearby neighborhood situations while on duty.

          Comparing offenses recorded for 2011 and October 2015  – October 2016, we have the following:  (1997 was pre-HELP and was one of the reasons to establish this program)

                                             1997  2011  2016

Home invasions                  2         0        0

Armed robberies                3         1        0

Residential burglaries       13         5        6

Stolen autos                   23         0        1

Auto burglaries                45      12        4     


Hyde Park Preservation is in District 1, Zone A6, Grid 138 of the City of Tampa Police Department.  Our officers report our neighborhood is ripe for auto and residential burglaries primarily due to UNLOCKED doors, gates and windows.  They advise to secure your area both day and night.


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